Friday, May 18, 2007

Dresses by Design

There are 2 things a bride desires to make her wedding day special (aside from the perfect man!) The Perfect Dress and The Perfect Cake!

This cake combined those 2 elements and the result was a cake designed to match the bride's wedding dress. Since there was no top tier to save for her anniversary, I created a mini cake with a replica of her shoe done in Sugarpaste for them to save.

Sometimes the cake can compliment the bride's gown more subtly. In this case, the bride had a very simple gown with a band of lace around the waist, with a simple satin ribbon. I created a matching lace band of Sugarpaste to wrap around the cake, with a sage ribbon to match the bridesmaid dress and orchids to match the bouquets and centerpieces.

A Bridal Shower is another occasion for a brial gown style cake. I hand made the 3 piece invitations and designed the cake to match.

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